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“Their Story Start With The Word BLUE”


Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria), is the only real plant that can produce real shade of blue and has been used for centuries ago by many civilization in the world, especially Asia to produce rich and beautiful shades of blue that cannot be replicated by synthetic dyes. Indonesia has a deep connection with indigo since centuries ago.

Java is actually one of the biggest indigo plantation back in 16th centuries, providing Dutch East Indies company with plentiful of blue dyes commodities marketed in Europe as a luxury dyes. As an Indonesian brand, they are really passionate in preserving our culture through natural indigo dyeing which their apply into a relevant form of clothing.

The process of extracting indigo until it can result in shades of blue is not an instant process, lots of manual and hand process involved inside. First they need to manually farm the plant for about 3-4 months before they can actually reap the plants. Afterwards, a manual fermentation of the plants is required to extract the indigo to produce a paste formed extract which is then they take to our own workshop and apply it to our clothes.

The history and spiritual relation about the color blue was what led us to explore more about indigo, and its relation to people remains as one of our main inspirations



Indigo as the main source of blue shade color for in the past, extracted from many type of plants but mostly indigofera. Its unique production methods with their spiritual associations, and the beauty of the colors produced on a wide range of textiles, have lent an aura of mystique which still lingers on today. No other dyestuff has been valued by mankind so widely and for so long as one of the world’s oldest dyes, it remains the last natural dye used in places that have embraced synthetic dyes for every other color. as cited from Indigo – Jenny Balfour-Paul



Indonesia is the foremost place where you can find one of world’s ancient traditional art still being practised until today, which is batik. Batik in Indonesia is sometimes considered a sacred thing, a cultural art with many myth and legends surrounding its art and process. Bluesville is trying to preserve this ancient art and process through our own value and design. They always believe that batik is not just the art, but the process behind it is the most important thing.



To stay true to our traditional concept, they are also doing partnership with some of the best local artisans in handwoven fabrics with more than 40 years of experience in the field. By partnering with them, they are graced with a beautifully hand-made fabrics which is unique to Bluesville as well as pushing our local artisans to produce more quality fabrics in the future.


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