Voyej Leather Goods


A Man’s passion on journey has taken leather goods into human history for centuries. VOYEJ, as a brand, try to revive the history and design it to become your own experience. Through the handmade crafting of leather goods and chosen materials, we bring the design that fits into the present lifestyle. As the leather age, the color becomes more mature. Reveal the heritage as you take VOYEJ with you and you could tell the story yourself later on.



Their products are proudly made in Indonesia by skillful and experienced local craftsmen from Yogyakarta, long known for its artistic heritage. The making process takes considerable amount of time for most of it is done by hand, ranging from leather pattern cutting, skiving, stitching, burnishing, until assembling parts to create the final product. They are believe handmade process is an unspoken way to express sincere passion as well as attention to details and quality.



Natural vegetable tanned (vegtan) leather is used as main material and mostly are sourced from USA because they are aim for leather with rich scent and outstanding consistency in quality, even though natural vegtan leather tends to have slight difference between hides from natural scars or markings. they have used various type of leather from local and well known international tannery such as Chahin, Horween, and Hermann Oak. Alongside leather, in order to create high quality products, we use hardware made by local artisan and also from USA and Japan.



The notable feature of natural vegetable tanned leather is the color evolution. It is when the leather has developed its patina over time, thus result in darker leather color. Raw leather has open pores and therefore easily affected by sunlight, fluid, or dirts. Color evolution process is a personal journey because it may vary depends on usage and leather treatments given to the leather goods.

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