OldBlue Co. The 21/23 ‘Beast’

The 21/23 ‘Beast’ – 8.25″ Heavy Weight Edition

This is one of Oldblue’s signature denim articles. They first made the exact pair 5 years ago, back in 2011. This 21/23 Ouncer was the first heavy weight denim ever produced here by an Indonesian brand. And we can safely say that they successfully changed the entire denim industry along with its behavior here. From the Oldblue point of view, they decided to make a heavy weight denim back then with a mission to prove to the world that here in Indonesia, there’s a brand that had enough courage and also resources (in term of human-skill and also all the machinery needed) to create such a heavy monster denim pants.

The denim itself is originated from Okayama, Japan. It is an unsanforized denim. It starts as a rigid 21 ounces denim and once after the intial soak/wash it will become approximately 23 ounces per square yard. As ou can expect from a loom-state denim fabric, the denim texture is quite hairy, but still within the reasonable amounts. The rigidness and the stiffness of these denim surely doesn`t need to be questioned. Made using Oldblue signature 8.25” Cut pattern, which is their slim straight cut, this jeans will surely suit for your daily heavy-duty errands.


You can also expect all the loveable signature details from Oldblue in this denim pants. Such as Japan-made hardware (for the rivets and buttons), red-white striped chambray fabric from USA for the pocket bag, vegetable tanned American horse hide for the lather patch, and so on.


Known widely as ‘The Beast’, the fading ability of this jeans is really remarkable. So many pairs had already achieved their maximum fade potential. Many denim-heads refer The Beast as a ‘never-fail’ denim, of course the term was not just come out of nowhere. The exact denim article had already won some prestigious awards, as the 1st Winner of Indigo Denim Contest ’14, the Favorite Winner of Indigo Denim Contest ’14, to the Fade of the Year (2015) by Heddels.


As this jeans always come in very limited pairs, we are currently the only store here in Indonesia that carries the 21/23 Ounces ‘Beast’. We even have the 21/23 Oz in Oldblue 6th Anniversary special, which was only produced in extremely limited 66 pairs. The 6th Anniv edition was made with some tweaks comparing to the regular one. It has a special 6th Anniv leather patch, red stitched arcuate detail, special 6th Anniv embroidery, and other cool details.

So what are you waiting for?

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