STOW Store is Now Open


“Experience Things In Their New Proper Place”

About STOW

       “STOW” means to put things in proper places. It’s all started with collaboration between Bluesville and Voyej and as time goes by, STOW became a conceptual flagship store of the two brands and opened its door in December 2014 for the first time.

Jakarta, September 8th, 2016 – STOW Store is finally up and running again after its temporary close due to moving out back on June 2016. Still located around South Jakarta area, the store now has bigger space with fresh concept and also more selection of well curated local brands ranging from denim to shoes category. Alongside Voyej, Bluesville, Viél, Kana and Blue Muscle Union, there are Oldblue Co., PMP Denim, and Zevin to share the new space with. Public can visit STOW Store and experience its whole new ambience now at The Buya, 2nd Floor, Cipete IX No.1.

There is also something new going on behind the store opening. Direz, Creative Director of Bluesville explained, “As our first concept is about collaborating, we are always on the look for partners to collaborate so when the right time and partner came, we decided to go with Oldblue Co., which we have been working together previously.” He further added, “This collaboration means a lot for our growth in terms of exchanging customer base, product development, and brand marketing. The way STOW move now is not merely to put things in a proper space anymore, but creating a new and thorough proper experience in the proper space as well.”

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        BLUESVILLE is always about traditional garment making technique, inspired by world cultural heritage and fine clothing such as natural hand dyeing, handwritten batik, and hand weaving using traditional loom. These traditional techniques done by textile artisans in many places of Indonesia result in unique fabrics and clothes that cannot be replicated by modern garment process, rendered in a more modern and relevant forms for an easy everyday wear.



        A Man’s passion on journey has taken leather goods into human history for centuries. VOYEJ, as a brand, try to revive the history and design it to become your own experience. Through the handmade crafting of leather goods and chosen materials, we bring the design that fits into the present lifestyle. As the leather age, the color becomes more mature. Reveal the heritage as you take VOYEJ with you and you could tell the story yourself later on.



        Founded in the early of 2010, Oldblue Co. is mostly inspired by the late 1800’s to the 1950’s vintage American work wear with classic – repro as the main idea and concept. Every pairs of Oldblue Co. jeans are proudly designed with heart and thought, cut, and sewn by the hand of ingenious and hardworking Indonesian talents, using impeccable materials, sourced from every corner for each and every detail of the goods.


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